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The do’s and dont’s of Minecraft


If you have ever played Minecraft you will understand the addiction behind the game.It’s becoming an increasingly bad habit of mine, that when I play I end up spending hours upon hours in the world rather than what I think is only half an hour or so.

So after spending countless hours on this game I have learnt what works best and how to survive the world of everyone’s beloved blocks…



SLEEP- It is important to create yourself a bed as soon as possible when starting a new world. The nights on Minecraft feel longer than the days, and if you  are just starting a world up building through the night is not the best option. You are defenceless with little food and light to guide you around. By sleeping you avoid the hardest part of Minecraft at the beginning meaning you can build up a strong inventory. Even if this means just building a little mud hut and putting the bed in there, that is better than balancing trying to survive while also trying to create. A bed can be crafted from wood planks and sheep’s wool of any colour.

EXPLORE– Once you are all settled in to your little shally, it is important you must explore! A Minecraft world is massive,and you will be amazed at what they can randomly generate. The words hold such a variety of materials, and there are even a strong variety of structures available. This means at some point you will need to enter the nether. Some items cannot be crafted without materials from the nether so sooner or later you will have to face your fear. I would suggest later though in order to build up your level and experience.

FARM- Farming on Minecraft is a worldie. It brings in a constant supply of resources such as meat, ingredients and crafting materials. Throughout the map there is a constant flourish of animals to choose from but farming each is the probably for the best. (Although I wouldn’t recommend chickens in the house, they get everywhere…) Some animals are harder to catch or tame then others such as mules and horses. However once in your life they will definitely make your minecraft experience a lot better.


MAP- Do not loose your map!! From several (hundred) experiences I can promise you now there is nothing worse than falling down a mine and dieing with your map. Good luck getting home pal!!! Maps are not the hardest to craft but at the beginning of your world it may be harder to gather the materials meaning a few days without a map and you may be lost from your home spending the next few days (minecraft days that is) trying to get home! Unless your sense of direction is great then I’m sure this isn’t an issue.

LAVA– Don’t play with fire folks. In some of the richest mines you will find lava. We can survive in water but just like in real life unfortunately you can’t swim in lava. From my experiences I find a lot of my diamonds are situated above lava or near. With only a few stepping-stones to reach them. In this chance, put down as many slabs as possible. It’s not worth jumping from one to another even if you are the most elite gamer. It’s heart breaking to know you have spent a decent 3 or 4 hours mining only to find your goal and fall in lava and essentially lose everything.

AUTOSAVE- Don’t turn off the auto save.  Due to the immersive gameplay minecraft carries you can often find yourself spending hours gaming. However during this time, I can guarantee you have yet pressed saved. This is why it is important autosave remains turned on as if not all the hard work may be lost if something happens.

These are just a few things I picked up during my own experiences but if you have any other tips let me know!




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