REVIEW: War of the Planet of the Apes



The planet of the apes movies are by far my all time favs- including the originals. I have watched the first two countless times and when the news of a third one being released came out I was as excited as a little girl meeting a Disney princess.

From first glance of the trailer, I expected a Batman VS Superman sort of style, where everything is basically destroyed. All humans, all apes everything. You are shown scenes of epic war and fighting and over the top chaos but luckily this movie isn’t all about that. The third movie flows nicely alongside the other two, and throughout the entire film, everything seems to make sense. You understand why Caesar is the way he is or why things are happening. For example, the end of the last movie we saw Coba, start the war but Caesar is on the same side of the humans, and now we see Caesar fighting the human race. But this is all because he is clearing up what Coba has left behind and is essentially protecting the apes.

The entire movie is a complete emotional rollercoaster and I’m pretty sure I didn’t blink during the entire film. Each scene is set up perfectly aided by the most incredible sound tracks and cinematic effects. The film is beautiful in all aspects, watching , listening and feeling. It’s a real tear jerker covering topics of family love, friendships and the day-to-day issues of animals and humans living alongside one another on this planet.

Being a super fan, I left the cinema feeling shocked that I had witnessed such an incredible film and ending to a heart clenching story, supported by the fact i sobbed like a little baby.  It’s definitely a whirlwind rollercoaster and hold on tight. Maybe its just because I am obsessed with the movies, but i spent the entire film watching as if i were a parent. When Caesar acted good i was proud and when he was sad i was even sadder. The film is filled with so much emotion, and you go through so much together between the characters on-screen and the audience.

I highly reccomend this film, and considering i had high expectations already, it went above and beyond every single one. It’s a family friendly rollercoaster ride, prepare for your heart to touched.

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