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My go to festival musts!


Firstly, sorry for the lack of interaction over this last week, I have been super busy and had limited internet 🙁 I’m back at home now so prepare for plenty of notifications while I catch up on all the blogs I have missed! So lets jump straight in…

Summer is beaming with a variety of festivals every year.

I like to think of myself as some kind of festival connoisseur. I have been to most of the big ones like Glasto, Boardmasters, Reading and smaller ones such as BST, Peace Festival and 2000 trees.

All of these weekends away have allowed me to learn the must have items for surviving a drunken, muddy, music filled weekend.

A film camera is necessary at every festival! I used to take the wind up ones you can buy but now I have my own it will come in very useful for all the trendy outfits!

A Hipflask is also a must especially as you aren’t allowed to take bottles of glass into most festival campsites. This hip flask I bought from Urban Outfitters and fits nicely in any fanny pack. (bum back for the americans!)


Bralets- These two were purchased from Victoria Secret. I think they are better than taking bras as they can be used as crop tops with a nice kimono too. Plus they are a lot more comfier to wear and comfort is key at any festival!

img_3795.jpgHead accessories- As expected your freshly washed hair won’t stay fresh for very long so a few days in a bandana makes a perfect hair up do on one of the more dirtier days. Not only that but it is also good at keeping all your hair out of your face when in a crowd.

Who said one pair of sunglasses was more than enough???

It doesn’t matter how hot it gets on your party weekend away, camping at night sucks and it will be freeeeezing! I love taking a little hat like this one to keep me snug when the night gets a bit colder.

My festival feet were given to me for a bday present last year. It’s the first time taking them but they are lighter than carrying wellies thats for sure, and they look pretty snazzy too!

My beloved camel bak- some would say it is for the outdoor entrepreneur but that person obviously never tried to put alcohol in it!! This was the best idea I have ever had and I’m allowed it in the arena meaning i can avoid rip off alcohol prices! Cheap and easy to carry!

img_3796.jpgSome of my festival must toiletries. I take the above to every festival I go to. They are cheap and light weight to carry.

From left to right

  1. Mouthwash– always handy for rinsing when you don’t have a proper area to brush your teeth, plus something has to smell nice if you aren’t showering for four days!
  2. Detangler– For me this is especially important as my hair always gets so knotty after being thrown around in crowds and sleeping in sleeping bags. They are good for your hair and small to carry.
  3. Loreal dry shampoo– this blue one particularly is incredible. As I have thick hair, dry shampoo is always risky as most make my hair greasy, but i have found this product and it brings it back to life again. Not too pricey and you don’t need too much to have an impact.
  4. Soap and Glory antibacterial hand gel- this is a must must must for festivals! This stuff smells sweet and makes me want to eat it!! Anti bac is super important as although cleaned every day, the toilets aren’t necessarily the best plus, they usually always run out of soap , grosss.

Bottom Row

5. Ted baker body spray- Most festivals don’t let you take in aerosols as they can be set on fire. This little spray is small but mighty and lasts a long time. Not only that but it fits perfectly in your fanny pack if necessary. They are quite cheap to pick up from most boots/ superdrugs etc.
6. Hand cream- From hours upon hours of using anti bac gel your hands will dry out really quickly. Hand cream is essential for in the morning to prepare your hands for the day of dryness ahead.
7. Body shampoo- I picked this item up from Mountain Warehouse. It is similar to dry shampoo for your hair but is actually for your body. It comes out in a foam which you rub in and it makes your skin cleaner. I have used this product for two festivals and I can say it is definitely better than taking wet wipes. It doesn’t make your skin greasy whatsoever and leaves a very pleasant clean and fresh smell!
8. Coconut moisturizer– Important especially when it is hot. If your legs are out in the sun a lot over the weekend they will dry very quickly. On top of all the mud they will be collecting you will end up with cracked skin which can take a while to recover. This moisturizer is great at keeping your skin fresh while out in the sun and smells incredible. I honestly can’t put into words how good it smells. It’s just heavenly.

These are just some of the things I take along  but if you have any other necessities i would love to know in the comments!

lots of love,



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