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Those kind of Gym people…


Quite often, after work you will find me at the gym. It has taken me a while to get past the whole ” I hate exercise” stage and now I can’t go a week without it.

My local gym is quite big, and unfortunately many people I know go there. (not being mean but I like to exercise without social interactions yano) but anyway, I have begun to realise that no matter what day I go to the gym, you will always find the same five type of people there. Read below and let me know if you are guilty of being one of these

1)The selfie-er

I know this one too well as I am guilty of it to, but have you ever noticed that person who spends more time taking photos of themselves then actually working out??? I am in complete favour of the incredible lighting they have at a gym, Andy any progress photos, but move out the way so I can get to the weights plz!!!

2) The non stop cardio goer

dp_gym.jpgCardio is good for the heart and soul, and sometimes I feel like I need to spend a good 20 mins running on the treadmill just to feel better about my self. But I don’t get how some people can spend an entire hour running?! TELL ME YOUR SECRET!!! The flight of stairs after the gym is bad enough, yet alone running for an hour, ew gross. Praise to be those who run for that long.

3) “spends the entire time on their phone to make it look like their working out but not really’

Theres a guy at my gym who spends his entire time on his phone texting, phone calls, snapchat etc, does a few leg presses in-between and that’s it yano?? whats the poinnnntttttt!

4) Super buff man

StrongmanHow can some people physically lift/press/squat more than their body weight?? that’s not fair I wanna do that 🙁 There is always one person who is incredibly strong like some sort of secret khal drogo.


5) The average Joe

Doesn’t want to be there, doesn’t do much and doesn’t stay too long. I’m pretty sure we have all had those days in fact i guilty of it today because instead of going to the gym I am writing blog posts.

Well I suppose I should stop being lazy and go and spot out some of these people. Can you think of any other people you see there?

Lots of love,



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    10/11/2017 at 6:18 am

    Hahaha these are spot on, though you’re forgetting the girls who come in to work out together but spend more time chatting and laughing at each other because I’m definitely one of those 😛 great post x

    • Reply
      10/11/2017 at 7:57 am

      haha oh yeah you always get a group like that i’m
      guilty of being part of one too! thanks!c

      • Reply
        10/11/2017 at 8:11 am

        No worries 💗

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    10/11/2017 at 6:41 am

    Good for you Flower. I know the feeling. If I don’t do my 5.6 k rough bike ride every am. I feel like something is missing.The hill climb on way back works everything.

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