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The three musketeers.


I recently read a blog post by CUPID OR CATS, about her Fab Four.  In this post she wrote about each of her best friends and it inspired me to write a little something about my fav two.

The three of us have been friends since we were little, going to the same primary, secondary and sixth form schools. I have known these gals since I was a little five-year old in school, that’s 16 years!!!

I’m going to refer to them by their nicknames…


Me and frog have been friends for what feels like forever. If there’s been an experience in my life frog was probably there. You can guarantee that every birthday of mine she brings up the story of the time I refused to eat my pasta hoops and cried about it until I ate hoola hoops. (idk she loves that story so much and I was like six years old okay) We are practically the same person, we are as stubborn as each other and determined to grow up all on our own while every now and then collapsing to each other with the weight of the world on our shoulders. She has made me giggle more times than I can imagine over stuff which isn’t even funny, we literally just spend our company together in stitches of giggle fits. I feel like we should definitely be related and secretly frogs my long-lost sister.  She’s helped to bring out the best in me and I wouldn’t be the person I m today without years of days at the park eating fudge, bike rides, and incredibly long shopping trips (Frog is the worst person to make a decision when shopping!!) The best thing about our entire friendship is although she gave her cat a name called eclipse, after weeks of me calling him Bevan frog has finally started calling him Bevan too. *Evil Laugh* Frog- the kindest and prettiest of souls, thank you for always believing in me <3


Juice, aka my spirit animal. We became closer, after we were put in the same tutor together at secondary school. Without Juice’s help I don’t think I would have even got up in the morning for school, and even now there is definitely a lot of things in my life I wouldn’t have done without her. After loosing my luggage in Thailand, I never thought I would fly again, and a few months later I flew out to meet Juice and others in France because I felt calmer. If there is ever a cure for my anxiety it is Juice. She answers the phone every time I call, whether that be 2pm in the afternoon or 2am in the morning. Whether that be for a natter or for me to cry my eyes out. It’s rare to come across someone you can put all your trust in, but juice is definitely one of those people. She is as sassy as I am and has the confidence any woman would inspire to have. She makes me feel like the adult I’m trying to be and is the absolute selfie queen. Juice- thank you for filling my life with love, you make me feel warmer than your butternut squash soup <3

lots of love,


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    18/11/2017 at 5:31 pm

    Oh my god, my eyes actually prickled a little bit (hayfever, you know 😉 ) because I can just FEEL the love and appreciation you have for your besties through this post. Friends are so important, it’s so lovely to see that you have such great ones and that you value them so highly xx

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    28/11/2017 at 11:35 am

    I am so glad (and a bit jealous in the good way hehe) that you have such great friends! Your besties must mean the world to you! There is something so beautiful about that!
    Would you take a look at my latest blog post and let me know what you think?

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