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REVIEW: DC Justice League



Oh Justice League, why does one leave me with so many questions.

I don’t really know where to start tbh, Justice League has a lot to it. From a blank perspective of someone who doesn’t really invest too much into the DC universe, it’s a great film. Looked at black and white and the good guys save the world. But if you look into it more there are SO many flaws.


You can tell they tried, with the little comedic quirks and quotes “do you bleed bat” ha ha I get it well done, but to be honest its a bit of an embarrassment of a film. First off, Ben Affleck as Batman just deteriorates more in this film, I’m just not buying it , he doesn’t work as batman. (Christian Bale forever) I do however appreciate how much better Wonder Woman is portrayed in this film. In her solo film she seemed flaky like an air head but now she is an independent woman who don’t need to super hero squad yaaaas!


Jason Mamoa as Aqua Man and Ezra Miller as flash are defo highlights of this movie with their added sass, but I do feel as if DC got scared due to the success of Spiderman being young despite expecting to fall. DC in hand, made flash young and tried too hard to make him funny, but tbh it was just cringeworthy. Flash as a character has so much potential but to make superman as fast as flash to me removes the entire point of flash??? Whats the point of flash being the fastest hero in the world when superman can do it anyway, just makes me sigh really loud and really long.


The story line is a people pleaser and only really shows off its strengths when Superman is reinstated into this life.

Ugh I’m not going to rant any more. JL is a sick film and has incredible cinematography. Its entertaining but if you follow the DC universe you will be left questioning your integrity.

I wonder whats install next for the JL…


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    06/12/2017 at 8:03 pm

    In recent news on this film, turns out that the ppl at the top kept pushing this film for financial gain!

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    08/12/2017 at 4:47 pm

    YES YES YES! I haven’t even seen this movie and I can already imagine EVERYTHING you pointed out being correct. It seems to be more about flashy effects, battle scenes and one liners than deeper storylines anymore xx

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