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England VS The Beast from the East


1st day of spring and what does England get, SNOW, and bloody plenty of it, THANKS RUSSIA

We never get snow in England and in the space of 3 months its snowed like four times. I’m all for a bit of a snowball fight and sledging but this weather we have right now is BULL SHIT. The snow is currently mixed with heavy winds and is the coldest it has ever been. I know I shouldn’t moan but I’m small ok, I can’t cope with the cold, plus I’m too poor to go buy proper gloves. ( I wore socks on my hands lol)

As I write this it is March 2nd 5pm. I started my snowy storm off driving fine and the roads weren’t too bad, but overnight it appears as if the apocalypse has happened. THE END OF THE WORLD IS NIGH. Although it would seem everyone thinks so due to the shops being ran sacked of food and the roads completely bare. England just cannot cope with the snow at all. Canada and Russia bare it out and carry on their day-to-day lives where as puny old England completely shuts down. We aren’t built for this weather, and the slightest bit of snow sends everyone into a frenzy it is bloody mad.

My experience with this beast hasn’t gone too well. I had to open up the council offices where I work but my car got stuck in the snow and I had to abandon it in the middle of the road. Luckily my manager picked me up and after work me and my friend ( well mainly my friend- thanks btw brad) shovelled the snow out-of-the-way. It was super fun and FRIGGIN COLD UGH.

The issue is because its windy its gathering in places making it super deep and then other places it’s hardly been left on the ground.

I’ll stop moaning now, but bring on summer, I can’t wait for shorts and dresses and sandals and cold cider sat in a pub garden. 25 degrees of sun fun and tan yes please.

How do you guys cope where your from, any snowy tips?

Lots of love,



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