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More Than Music: The Wombats at Rock City


Fabulous people of the internet, welcome to the latest addition in my more than music series. This week I’ll be taking about seeing The Wombats live at Rock City.

The Wombats aren’t too big of a band, they have a few known songs, which is kind of shame as I think they deserve a lot more recognition then they get, The kind of music they make is the kind that makes you want to get out of your seat and have a little boogie around and jump as high as you can. I’ve seen them live once before in London and it was like a party. People danced as hard as they could and my feet hardly touched the ground.

As of last week, myself and a few friends went and saw them at Rock City, in Nottingham. Rock city is a club and is known for it crazy music nights. I’ve never watched a band in a club before so I wasn’t too sure what to expect. It was incredible.


We started the night smack bang in the middle of the crowd and it got a little crazy so we all split up and I went to the side, where it was a lot safer. As the music went on I just had to get back into the buzz of it all and by the end of it, I was at the front and found my other friend. We all danced until are feet dropped off, and I was drawn in by the mosh pits. I’m quite small so I normally tend to avoid them but they just added to the excitement. The ringing in my ears after the gig was almost a harmony.


The entire gig had the atmosphere at an all time high, with every single person in that room, all feeling that buzz. It was a smashing ”party”and their music never fails to bring a smile to your face. If you haven’t heard of the wombats I deffo recommend checking them out. Their music is lighthearted and they deserve to be more well-known!

I have 2 gigs left for these next few months and I’ve really enjoyed writing these posts, let me know if you want me to keep them up next year…

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