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Review: Isle Of Dogs


No spoilers

Isle of dogs is a stop motion animation directed and produced by Wes Anderson.

The story surrounds Japanese culture where a dog disease encourages the political parties to summon all dogs to abandonment on trash island. The film follows one pack of wild dogs with one little boy and their story together through trash island.


This fruity film warms your heart through and through, interacting with senses with each detail that is included in this film. From start to finish you can’t take your eyes of the film as they put in so much detail it’s unmissable and worth the appreciation. The soundtrack and background music is rich and brings life to a movie made from plastic while also providing education along the way.

I was very excited to watch this film and started with high expectations and its really nice to see when a film manages to exceed every single one. I couldn’t take my eyes of the screen and a film like this has to be watched- even if you’re a cat person, but who is??

The story is warming and makes you appreciate that us as humans do take dogs for granted and the love they bring in to our lives. Its not a tear jerker but more of a heart warming, pick up film that all ages will enjoy, maybe even the dogs!


I encourage you to watch this film. Even if you don’t think its your kinda thing or genre, it is or it will be. They have a perfect level of comedy without trying too hard and the story line is perfectly set up.

Watch, smile, sit back and feel warmth.

Lots of love,


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