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Fallout 76 Opinions


Following on from the muchly popular Fallout 4, the franchise has now released Fallout76.

So far the information we have received is that this is set 21 years after the original nuke dropped, and based in Vault 76, as well as being an online game.

In all honesty this game is not appealing to me. Fallout 4 was incredibly successful on the back of a 10 year release date after Fallout3, so the fact its only been 2 years since 4, shows that they have tried to make 76 on the back of its previous success in an attempt to make more money. This is frustrating, as both 3 and 4 FO were very well invested, and had enhancing components which give the game its addictive qualities.

FO76 on the other hand, has jumped on the bandwagon of every other gaming company out there, where they have invested in an online game to encourage users to spend more money for add ons and gaming packs. This is going against the fan base and seems as if they have rushed to create it.

I never played FO new vegas so, for all I know it may be just like that, but what I do know is that FO4 is without a doubt one of the best games I have ever played, and without even much information I am already incredibly disappointed by 76. It is probably not even Bethesda creating the game, but again that shows they are focusing on the money they can make from the game rather than the potential for a heavy filled storyline and its wealthy components.


What are you opinions on the upcoming release? Let me know in the comments, I don’t think this is one game I will be purchasing.

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