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More than Music: The Amazons


While I think about it, are you actually enjoying My More than Music posts? I really enjoy writing them and looking back so i hope you enjoy reading them just as much! 

The Amazons are an up and coming rock band similar to the sounds of Circa Waves, The Hunna and Don Broco. They are heavy and soft, emotional, powerful and all round complete fun to listen to, and even more fun to mosh too!

The venue was at the Hare and Hounds in Birmingham, aka the worlds smallest venue which was insane! Considering they are quite big for their name it was a small room but that didn’t stop the crowd from moving and moshing.

I got a little drunk for this one which doesn’t usually happen at gigs as I like to maintain my bladder, but 3 ciders later and i was throwing myself full in, mosh pit, chaos galore, and boy did the Amazons put on a show.

I had an absolutely fantastic time and it is one of my favorite gigs of 2019, even if I was a little worse for wear the next day. It was kind of a short performance of only an hour but i guess that comes with a smaller venue hey ho.

Next up the one i’ve been most excited for in a large arena!! Twenty One Pilots, who are also headlining Reading festival now!! i’m hyped!

Lots of love,



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    04/03/2019 at 8:37 pm

    I love reading these! Sounds like you had such a blast at this one. I’m terrified of mosh pits lol. 😛 Can’t wait to hear all about Twenty One Pilots!

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