Helloooo friends!

Boy it’s been a while! I am roaring to go! As you may have noticed there is also a new layout- but don’t worry there will be post all about that coming soon!

Anyway, as of the end of July you would have found me in the Peak District and the much loved YNOT? Festival. If you missed it you can check out last years post here.

This year was slightly different compared to last in that, there was ALOT more mud and rain but that didn’t stop us!

We started the weekend off with 32 degree weather and carrying camping stuff in that was horrendous. The heat stroke knocked us out for a few days and deyrdration kicked in hard. (but it also made getting drunk very easy)

After two days of sun shine, the rain kicked in but it was manageable. The mud however maybe not so much? But still, it was a fab weekend and I got to see the likes of Pigeon Detectives,Franz Ferdinand, Ten Tonnes, Two Door Cinema Club and Rat Boy, while of course indulging in the fantastic festival food. (BEST MAC N CHEESE EVER)

The thing I love about festivals is that no matter the weather, rain or sun, everyone comes together to celebrate who they love, and no water filled tent in the world could stop my high.

Personal band highlights for me this year include, Ten Tonnes, Sea Girls, Easy Life and a surprise showing of Kate Nash! We weren’t actually intending on watching her but she was on before The Hunna and she was super sassy and fab, it was great!

I also want to do a special shoutout to McDonalds haha! They had a giant McNuggets thing there and were giving out free nuggets as a promotion for the new spicy ones coming out. Two of us sang to them and two did pushups and it was filmed! So who knows maybe we’ll be on telly eh!

It was also a joy to stumble across Cassia who are becoming a little addiction of mine.

Here are some pictures from the wettest wildest weekend of 2019.

Thats it for this years festivals now *Cries intensely for the next week* but alas summer is not over as a month of drinking and dancing commences!

Lots of love,


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