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Festival essentials!


It’s festival season baby!

Well it’s actually been festival season for the last month but hey! Festivals are an annual thing I take part in, but this year I decided to try and be extra organised with a few extras and I thought I would share with you my most important festival must haves!

First up bum bag:
I’m actually taking three this year, but its all about co ordination! They are perfect for carrying all your stuff without having a large bag and there are so many fancy ones you can buy!

Collapsable water bottle:
Perfect for sneaking in alcohol into the arena hehe!

Ponchos- Specifically see through ones so that when it does rain your outfit is still on show!
(edit- these were not actually the most useful and if you have a waterproof it’s probably best to take that! )

Of course along side the little extras it’s always worth taking an air mattress for comfort, plenty of cereal bars and clothes to keep you warm because no matter how hot it is in the tent in the morning it will get cold camping!

Have you ever been to a festival? What is your must haves?

Lots of love,


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