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Lets spill the tea


I wanted to do a little chatty post today just a general update on life and share with you the woes of a soon to be 23 year old.

In all fairness turning 23 isn’t what is scaring me right now. The reality of birthdays is that they remind me of everything that has changed in the last year. 23 Is just another number but compared to my 22 year old self I hardly recognise me. In fact, this time last year just before my 22nd birthday, I was very happy, the happiest I had been in a while and of course that didn’t last long. This time round, I may not be the same happiness but I am still happy. Happy to be surrounded by great friends, a secure job, and the prospects of change.

Since turning 22 I have made mistakes left right and centre. There has been unnecessary drama, heartbreaks, adult misguidance and most significantly mental health challenges, but it has all come together to make me stronger and of course, everything happens for a reason.

Compared to my 22 year old self, I may be making some of the same mistakes, but this time I am more aware of  the consequences and how my actions impact others. Being this age is hard, I don’t really know what direction my life is going in and I’m clinging onto life before it all changes.

But in reality everything is going to change, for the best.

In a few months I’ll be travelling around Asia with my bestie and finishing what I started three years ago. Following that I plan to move to another city but all of that might change.

I guess what I’m saying right now is I can’t be getting down about repeating mistakes or feeling lost , because it is all part of growing up and who knows what is right around the corner. People come and go in your life but those who are most valuable will still be make the effort to communicate no matter where in the world you are. You always have to put yourself first before anyone else, because your feelings, mental well being and health come before anyone elses. Even if that means letting go ofconvenience.

Thats it for todays post, you may not need to read this but i certainly needed to write it. Heres to closing the chapter of 22 and never looking back, and starting new with 23 and all the adventures it brings…

Lots of love,


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