A day in Liverpool


As of Christmas last year, my bestie graced me with a trip to the British music museum in Liverpool.

It’s a city I have never visited before and have always known little about. Liverpool to me has always just been about the football and really far up north. Turns out it has ALOT more to itself than football and isn’t actually that far up north.

So as of 3rd of August, we last minute planned a road trip to visit the city and have an adventure. The drive there took about 3 hours but it was a very easy drive and we left super early so to miss the traffic.

Once there we had a little wonder and ventured to the museum. I am a huge music fan so this place for me was a like a dream. History of British music flooded throughout, and I got to learn about how bands came around. Music in Britain started with Skiffle, a mixture of jazz and blues and progressed through the ages. Bands such as Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly and the Rolling Stones had such an impact on music and the bands we have today to create, Oasis, Arctic Monkeys and so forward.

The museum had many displays which showcased the incredible outfits warn by Queen and Madness and of course, when in Liverpool, we must learn all about Cilla Black and The Beatles.

After the museum we have a walk around Liverpool centre. The dock area is beautiful and have some fab restuarants, and the shopping area is massive so of course we couldn’t resist a little browse! But one of the best experiences of my life took place on this day and that was at the Cavern Club. This little club is famous for the establishment of the Beatles. It was here they played over 342 times regularly and became their home. We visited the clubwhich was underground and it was amazing. The atmosphere of people flocking to this club to feel in the prescence of the The Beatles was outstanding. There was also a little tribute act on. Something about being in one of the ost significant clubs going for The Beatles and singing their music warmed my heart and was dfinately a highlight for my music lifestyle.

Generally Liverpool in itself is a beautiful city. It has so much history and culture, more than I ever knew and is designed fantastically. I would definitely recommend visiting it if you ever get the opportunity.

I had a fantastic day and although it was a long drive there and back in a day it was 100% worth it.

Do you have a city that’s significant to you?

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