Memsahib Gin and Tea tasting #Gifted


Situated along Cheltenham Promenade tucked away under the stairs, is a treasure of Gin an Tea tasting experience.

The Memsahib Gin and Tea bar, inspired by the British Raj period, was brought to life, to produce wonderful creations of gin/ tea/ rum beverages. They were kind enough to invite me to a gin and tea tasting experience.

I want to start talking about the room itself, because damn, the decor in this place was phenomenal. To me Cheltenham is just any other place as I frequently visit there for shopping and nights out, but I know to others it is considered quite a high profile place. The Memsahib Gin and Tea room fits in superbly with this aesthetic of upper class etiquette. All the drinks were brought out on cute little boards and adorable bottles, and the whole time it was like we were mixing potions, and to be fair you could say we were because the drinks provided were magical.

Throughout the tasting experience we had an array of taste, from smoked gin, pineapple, and mint, mixed with gin, rum and even tea. The idea of mixing gin with tea is unknown usually, but the concept behind it works a treat.

Throughout the day we learnt about how the gin was brewed and how they also smoked it. It was unknown to me that despite being hundreds and hundreds of different flavours of gin, they all together only fall into about five categories, with the Londn Dry Gin, being the one mostly adapted and used here at the gin and tea room.

They were also kind enough to provide us with food throughout the day of Indian cuisine. including vegetable samosas and little poppadum’s with onion and mango chutney on. I ate it alllll, because it was incredible. So flavoursome. Myself and Lucy had the vegeatarian option for the day which was a cauliflower steak and I can’t stop thinking about it. IT WAS SO TASTY UGH.

It was super kind of The Memsahib Gin and Tea room to hold a bloggers event for us to explore the world of Gin. I learnt so much, ate super tasty food, and handy ways of producing drinks differently which would have a large impact on their taste.

It was nice to spend the afternoon enjoying drinking alcohol, rather than just doing it to get drunk.

I have kept this quite brief on information, because if you want to know more, you need to visit the bar itself. The tasting masterclasses are not currently available to the public but will be very soon, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled on their website which can be found here : 

I had so much fun doing this experience and writing this review for this #gifted event and it was super nice of the gin and tea room to invite us a long. This was a first for Sophiemagsblog but I am hoping there are plenty more on the horizon!

Lots of love,


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    28/09/2019 at 2:06 pm

    Even though I am not the biggest gin lover in the world (i know, dont hate me), this place looks SO magical and the decor is beautiful xxx

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      30/09/2019 at 7:28 am

      haha noo don’t worry I wasn’t either, I would only drink the sweetest gin to get drunk haha, but yaaas this place is cuteeeee!

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    30/09/2019 at 11:17 am

    What what an amazing event! I would have so loved to attend. The place looks absolutely gorgeous, it does look like a place where you’d ‘mix potions.’ I never thought of gin & tea together… sounds super interesting! Thanks so much for sharing with us, Sophiemags. <3

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    Invisibly Me
    13/10/2019 at 4:05 pm

    No way! I live in Cheltenham & I’ve never been here – I need to go! Gin, tea, what better way to spend an afternoon? 😉Such a great gifted experience, and nicely reviewed (love the photos)!
    Caz xx

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    20/10/2019 at 12:28 pm

    Oh my gosh, the food was incredible wasn’t it!! I too am still thinking about how delicious it all was. Such a great roundup of the afternoon
    Charlotte / Charlotte’s Picks

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