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Review: Joker- Newplex guest post!


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I can’t tell you how excited I am today to share with you one of my favourite people reviewing one of my fav movies of 2019!

In case you missed it my guys at Newplex recently review IT Chapter 2 which you can find here. So now my guy Charles, is back with a review of the much established and successful Joker movie. (which i have now seen twice btw)

Over to you Charles…
So, The Joker came out over a week ago and I’ve been awaiting its release since it’s announcement back in 2017. Personally I think it’s fair to say that I was tentative leading up due to Warner Brothers / DC’s lack of commitment to their intellectuals and how subjective the Joker character can be. I can say with 100% certainty that Joaquin Phoenix’s portrayal as the Joker is cemented in the top 3 position for the best Joker performance of all time. Personally JP’s Joker is #1 and Heath Ledger and Mark Hamill can fight for the 2nd and 3rd spots.

Let’s get into what makes this film so great – a spoiler-less conversation.

Everyones acting performances were on point – everyone as their character was totally believable. Albeit everyone had mere minutes on screen compared JP who took up 90% of it, and rightly so as he was not only the protagonist but JP’s performance is what makes half of this film great.

Which leads me on to say that the storytelling is the other stellar half, I’ll still keep it spoiler free so you can read on! Todd Phillips alongside Scott Silver wrote an emotionally intense and twisted story of a man that is being beaten down by multiple factors whist trying to do the right thing only then to discover himself through un-savoury means to finally blossom into the Joker we know and love. And with twists and turns along the way, this added dimension will keep fans speculating for the next couple of decades.

Now on to the spoiler segment!

After re-listening to some of the Joker sound track, my new favourite scene from the movie is at the end when Joker does his interpretive dance on the police car and finishes it with recreating his iconic Joker smile with the blood from his mouth. This scene along with: the music, Call Me Joker by Holder Guonadottir, the chanting from the riot crowd and the close up shot of his face sets us up for a future Joker that is cult leader esque, truly unhinged and like he says to Murray “got nothing to loose”. 

Like I said before, this film is full of twists and turns in all the right places, one example being is the Joker re-telling his story to a doctor in presumably the Arkham State Hospital. This scene alongside the false relationship with Sophie and the physical trauma he experienced as a kid which created his mental illness’, leads us to believe that most of what happened in the film could well be false. However I choose to believe that everything that happened in that film, really did happen. 

I really loved this film which is why I’m scoring it a 5 out of 5. I rarely give this score out but this film has landed a spot in my top 10 films of all time and is definitely in my top 3 films of this year (so far). 

*keeping my fingers crossed for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker*

Thanks for reading, it’s been ya boi – Charles!

The reason I ask Newplex to cover a review for me, is because they are so knowledgeable on the movie industry and how they deliver their opinions keeping them factual. I take a lot of inspiration from how they deconstruct movies and once again Charles has come out on top with this review and I love this writing style.

Thanks once again to Charles for writing such a fantastic review and be sure to head on over to The Newplex for many more movie reviews and podcast natter.

Ya gal Sophiemagsx

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