More than music: Ten Tonnes @ Bristol Trinity Centre


Guys we are back with gig season!!

I am SO excited to be back to writing my favourite blog posts. Although the last gig we visited was in August, thats never really gig season lets be honest! Festival season is in full swing during August and any gigs feel almost extraterrestrial.

Jumping straight in, today we will be talking about Ten Tonnes, who I recently saw at Bristol Trinity Centre. Ten Tonnes AKA Ethan, is from Hertford in England, and graces his beloved fans with light hearted music, that effortlessly takes you off into a dream land of dancing, singing, good times.

I have been following Ten Tonnes career for a while now, as he started releasing tracks with the like of Lucy and Better than me, hitting the radio, before his album even came out. It’s fair to say I am a big fan, and after seeing his festival performance at YNOT? earlier this year, it was interesting to see his performance at a gig in comparison.

The Bristol Trinity centre, is a church arena, just off the entrance into Bristol. It is a good size location for a gig, as I had previous doubts for the acoustics seeing as it was in a church. However I was completing wrong, and the acoustics were fab. The location had a bar – important, and it was the perfect size for an artist like Ten Tonnes.

The gig started with a warm up band called ZuZu, who I had never heard of before, however she kept the crowd entertained and performed some superb bubbly tracks. She also covered Lizzo’s Truth Hurts, which was 10/10 AMAZING. ZuZu’s energy was sassy, full of life and empowering and I will definitely be checking out further music of hers.

When Ten Tonnes came onto stage, you could feel the crowd getting ready, for what was about to be an hour and half of non stop dancing, singing and all round happy energy. I enjoyed this gig SO much more than I expected, because each track, even the few I didn’t fully know, carried themselves individually, and Ethan’s stage presence was so full of life. You can really tell he enjoys what he does and seeing how happy his music makes the crowd.

To make things even better, I was in bed before midnight! My kind of gig! It’s so good to be back writing these posts and boy do we have a line of up gigs for you for the next few months! Have you got any planned?

Lots of love,


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    25/10/2019 at 7:51 am

    I have never heard of this band before but they sound amazing! Also so cool that Zuzu covered Lizzo (I am lowkey so obsessed with lizzo hahaha) xxx

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      25/10/2019 at 11:02 am

      Honestly it was amazing, a proper sass hype 🙂

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