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Rise of the Skywalker No Spoiler Review


Its been a while since i’ve done one of these so I may as well jump in with the MOST anticipated movie of 2019! Star Wars: Rise of the Skywalker.

The final instalment of Star Wars, sees everything you could want from a Star Wars movie, lightsaber fights, space dog fights, crazy extra-terrestrials, and of course subtle layers of comedy. (because lets be honest The Last Jedi was major cringeathon)

I have watched all Star Wars films many times, but I can honestly say I don’t truly understand the law behind Star Wars, to me they are just thoroughly enjoyable films. So viewing it as someone who just enjoys the movies, I think The Rise of The Skywalker did a great job. All the questions raised in the Force Awakens were answered, they did a fantastic way of editing in Carrie Fisher and this movie as a homage to her was touching.

JJ Abrams has had a tough job with this one, the fate of 8 movies rested on the back of this, and after a controversial backlash from The Last Jedi he had to pull out all the stops. I must add however that I can also understand from those die hard Star Wars fans, why some elements were unnecessary, bland and also could have been carried out much better but as a family friendly movie Star Wars did great.

I am very interested to see how they carry on this franchise past these movies, because of course Disney will be milking as much money out of this as possible but also I am stuck to see how it could be progressed?

I enjoyed the journey of Ray and Finn and all the emotion it brings so make sure you get yourself together to witness the ending of an era.

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