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Hi, yo, waaassupp, today I’m gonna have a little brain vomit and of course WordPress is the best place for this! I want to talk about adapting to change, more specifically for myself, but if you relate, thats also good to.

Over the last few years (not including 2020) I had what some may call a very unpleasant “situation ship” with someone which ended summer 2019. I always like to think that everything happens for a reason, and when you’re scraping the barrel trying to find a reason to get up in the morning, this is not as evident.

I think because of how low I got and how mentally challenging it was, I have said to myself that if there is ever the risk I will be made to feel the way I did before, I’m out of there. Walls up and I am running in the complete opposite direction. This can be good, protect myself and all that, but also bad because not every person is the same, not every situation is the same and I am not the same person.

When you’ve been used to a certain behaviour, actions and consequences for three/ four years, its not going to change in six months, no matter how freakin fantastic new people are to you. It’s about learning and communication which I am still trying to apply, and I need to keep reminding myself that its not the same now compared to a year ago and I need to enjoy it rather than waiting to get broken again. But also all my thoughts are a natural reaction. I without a doubt think I am better now then even a month ago with my thought processes and reactions, because as times goes on, and I feel more loved and cared for it, it’s over writing all the negative.

Adapting to new situations helps you grow as a person, but adapting to new people helps you come out of the other side stronger. I am incredibly happy, lucky, loved and grateful to now be surrounded by the very best. It’s obvious everything does happen for a reason.


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    07/03/2020 at 5:00 pm

    Good for you! It’s so awesome when people take the reins and put a stop to unhealthy situations, whether it be an unhealthy relationship, or a toxic job, or a debilitating diet. Whatever it might be, I think it’s important to acknowledge the courage it takes to act in the face of adversity. I’m super psyched for you and the next chapter in your life :]

    I’m also glad to see you’re still super active on here, even after my lapse of activity. It’s inspiring!

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      08/03/2020 at 11:33 am

      yeah exactly, it takes alot to realise everything thats happened sometimes! thank you for commenting 🙂 x

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    08/03/2020 at 11:52 am

    Thank you for sharing this, Sophie! This spoke to me so much.

    Personally, I find moving on / moving forward to be extremely challenging. It doesn’t matter how shitty the situation was, if I got used to it and now there’s this sudden change…. I don’t know, it’s like I would rather stay stuck in the past sometimes. And especially with “situation ships” (I love that term btw) the lines are even more blurred. Sometimes it will take me longer to get over something that was never 100% exclusive than a full on relationship because there is always that “what if” and “what could have been” in the back of your mind.

    And with the difficulty of letting go comes also the fear that the next person will be the same or that it will also end. Which is why I, like you, like to do a lot of running and oftentimes will push people away without them doing anything wrong. I do this to protect myself, though I think in the end it is more damaging because you deny yourself a possible happy future. “I need to enjoy it rather than waiting to get broken again.” – this ties in nicely, I think this is a perfect mantra, one I might actually steal from you! xx

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      09/03/2020 at 8:48 am

      honestly, totally agree, adapting to change is sooo hard and getting away from a certain mindeset is very challenging, especially when someone has had such an impact on your life whether that be good or bad. its reassuring to read your comment and no I am not completing on my own with this thought pattern. Hope you have a fab day today 🙂 xxx

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    11/03/2020 at 10:39 pm

    Hey Sophie, it’s so inspiring and important to share if you’ve been through tough situations and how you’ve come out the other side and can be so positive and thankful. Hope 2020 kicks ass for you! Xxx

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    30/03/2020 at 1:17 pm

    I was in the worst relationship for around 4 years, too. Nothing feels better than being free of that. I am SO happy for you, Sophiemags. <3 You deserve so much love!

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