How to recover from holiday blues


Now because I haven’t mentioned it enough (lol) I went around Asia for three weeks at the end of January, and since then if I am being honest, I have felt a slight drop in my mood. Only slight because I do love being home and being around friends and of course my little pooch, but its more this time of year. It is a major struggle.

Since being back, I have had to face the responsibilities of work again which was very clearly busy while I was away so that has kept me very busy. My skin is terrible and I have broken out in spots more so than Mr Blobby. I am bloated, my hair is constantly greasy and of course how can I miss out that the weather is absolutely horrendous. These last few days we have been blessed with sunnier afternoons which are getting me excited for spring but 80% of the other days are miserable and make me mooooooodyyyyy.

So here are a few things that have been keeping me level headed that might also help you recover ffrom those holiday blues…

So first things first, make plans!
One of the first things I did when I got back was start looking at accomodation for my next adventure, which is a long weekend in Dublin over May bank holiday. This gives you something to look forward to and get over the thought of being in miserable weather.

Just over a week after I got back, myself and a friend went to a little spa day. It was lovely and i am SO glad I booked it so close to coming home because BOY it was needed. My back was carrying more pressure from carrying around a heavy rucksack for three weeks and generally being on your feet hurts anyway so it was lovely to be able to sit by a pool have a massage and steam and sauna. Even if you just book a massage or go to the pool when you get back. It’s refreshing and opens up those pores!

Lazy day
I booked an extra two days off work when i got back just to have a lazy day at home catching up on TV and youtube. I also made sure my first weekend at home was spent on my own chilling, cleaning, life admin and just general relaxing. This way you can get excited about the fact you know you have a few relaxing days coming up. Holidays are fun but they are also non stop so knowing you have a quiet day helps you get through travel blues.

Go for a meal
This kind of relates to the whole treat yo self vibe. Settling back into day routine is heavy. My day to day consists of dog walking, gym, cooking, cleaning, washing and of course, work and some evenings I don’t sit down till 8pm at night. It makes things a bit easier knowing I wont have to cook or do the washing up but can go out for a meal instead to take a bit of weight off my chores.

That was just a few ideas but if you have any more be sure to drop them in the comments!

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