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Amongst all the global panic, everyone seems to being going into lockdown except England. It seems like our method of controlling mad panic and a wide spread virus is to carry on as normal, but hey I’m not complaining, everywhere is basically empty. The antisocial side of me is beaming about being able to walk into town and not having to speak to anyone.

Of course, in doing the right thing of staying at home, we took a trip to the British Motor Museum, which was actually a Christmas present for someone. The Motormuseum is based near Warick which is about an hour away from me, so a very easy drive. As mentioned earlier there were not really many people there so it was nice to be able to have a big explore and not feel rushed.

I’m not really a car person, but I love going to museums and learning about the history of things. Plus growing up my dad was obsessed with every car show going so I like to think I can appreciate a nice car when shown one.

I thought it was pretty cool to see how all the cars had changed over the years and how companies have grown through the trends and adapted. We also got to see more about the possibilities of electric and driverless cars, while also looking back at how motor vehicles have played a role in making history, such as the fasted car on land, or in films such as Thunderbirds and Back to the Future.

That was just a few photos from the day but you can also head to my instagram @ Sophiemagsblog for more!

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