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Animal Crossing New Horizons


WELL Well well, we have ALOT to discuss.

It has now been two weeks since the latest release of Animal Crossing New Horizons was released on the Nintendo Switch. I remember the day like it was yesterday. I missed the postman and had to go and collect it from DPD in the evening. I got a free key ring, the sun was out and my life had found meaning again. (okay exaggerating but what a freaking happy game)

I had such high expectations for this. We waited SO long and Nintendo excelled every single one. The detail they have put into each nook (oi oi ) and cranny (see what i’ve done??) blows me away. You can close the curtains and when you poop on the toilet you loose fruit?? Its just so funny and quirky. The villagers are adorable, the house decor is FAB. Man I am so happy.

I was lucky enough to get Cherrys for my island and a yellow airport. I have spent many hours catching fish and Blathers is getting bargain after bargain.

Currently in the game I have the resident services, Mabels shop and a campsite. I’m trying not too rush too far ahead though because I feel like I am leaps and bounds ahead already and have done nothing but binge the game. (it is bloody good though)

All this coronavirus stuff has probably really benefitted Nintendo as the switch is sold out everywhere because no one has anything to do other then re live their love for Animal Crossing. It’s reducing my level of anxiety towards this whole pandemic and making me forget the stress. Thank you Nintendo and Tom Nook.

How are you finding the game?

Lots of love,


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