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Whats happening party people! How is everyone doing on this glorious day of isolation? making the most of your daily exercise with the sunshine I hope.

Now I am not saying that lockdown is fun, cause hell no, but one thing I do want to thanks, is large corporations who are absolutely milking it in right now, making the most out of lockdown. Nintendo have smashed sales of a switch with the release of Animal Crossing, and streaming platforms are overflowing with incredible TV to distract our minds from immense boredom. One streaming platform in particular is Disney +. Their release couldn’t have been at a better time then during a pandemic in which everyone is forced to stay inside, I bet Disney are rolling in it right now.

So of course, I jumped aboard that train and purchased the year package of Disney + for £50.00 and I must say thats an absolute bargain. So much cheaper then Netflix and Amazon so already a good point.

I have always loved Disney movies, Hercules being my absolute fav Disney classic, and it became even more interesting when Disney bought Marvel and the Star Wars franchise. When Disney announced that all these movies would be available to stream I was VERY EXCITED. All Marvel movies available to hand and I don’t have to pay to watch them every time I can just watch them whenever I want!!!! AMAZING!!! We don’t even need to mention how fantastic it is that the same can be said for Star Wars because that just goes without saying!

I’m getting off topic a little, but here we go, my top picks for Disney +

  1. The Incredibles 2– Some may argue that this film is better than the first, I would agree. I love this movie, I watched it twice when it came to the cinema, its such a nice light hearted film, and they continued it from the first Incredibles perfectly.

2. Wreck It Ralph– Along with Ratatouille these films are two of the GREATEST underrated movies to come from Pixar/Disney. Wreck It Ralph is fantastic, again such a nice watch, cute humour and Ralph is a great character to follow. I love this story for all the quirks it throws in and I can’t wait to jump on board and watch Wreck it Ralph 2, Ralph Breaks the internet.

3. Wizards of Waverley Place. This was one of my favourite shows back in the day and it makes me feel very nostalgic being able to watch it again. what was your fav Disney show to watch?

4. Of course I had to mention a movie from the Marvel cinematic universe. This was SO SO hard to choose because this franchise is my complete fav and I love nerding out about it. The decider for my favourite (from what is available on Disney plus) is Thor Ragnarok. Thor is defiantly my favourite Marvel character, enhanced even more from his hilarity in Endgame, but Ragnarok is just such a sick, badass action spilling film, and now its available to be streamed, happy days!

That was just a few of my favourites, but other programmes worth mentioning are The Simpsons, an easy hilarious binge, Mandolrian, (which I need to get round to watching but it looks so good) and of course Marvels infinity War and End Game, two of the greatest movies to have ever been made.

I would deffo recommend buying Disney plus, but I don’t think in the long run it will end up beating Netflix and Amazon Prime. There is only so much they can do and produce, and they investment in original content is little or nothing compared to the likes of Netflix and their cinematic take on Documentary series. Big up my main gal Carol Baskin.

Have you got Disney plus? Whats your thoughts?

Lots of love,


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    14/04/2020 at 12:19 am

    My family got Disney+ just before the lock down, and I’m still yet to use it! My sister has been milking it for all it’s worth, but I’m elbow deep in a bunch of Netflix shows haha but Lilo and Stitch and Atlantis: The Lost Empire are high up on my list x

    • Reply
      22/04/2020 at 8:25 am

      haha yeah thats a good point you don’t want to start too many series you know you will milk! x

  • Reply
    17/04/2020 at 12:31 am

    I loved Wizards of Waverly Place! I’m so close to giving in and getting Disney+ because I know a ton of the Disney films are off Netflix now and that’s all I have!

    • Reply
      22/04/2020 at 8:24 am

      aaas do it its so good and worth it!! xx

  • Reply
    Amelia in Hull
    29/04/2020 at 6:43 pm

    Love the MCU! So many great films within it to watch xx

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