The Paper poo bag revolution! #ad


Hello friends, I bring to you today a life changing blog post! PAPER POO BAGS. Not just for dogs, but for humans too!

I myself am an avid dog walker, and often use plastic non reusable bags to pick up the dog mess. This is contributing to landfill and I have found it very difficult to find an alternative, so when the Paper bag co. said they could send me a few to test out I was overjoyed. No more plastic! The Paper Bag Co. are the UK’s leading promotional paper bag company, and hold a world record for the worlds largest paper bag- impressive stuff!

They also offer mailing bags/ gift wrap/ tote bags and a variety of other eco products that can be found here on their website.

Using the paper bags I found really easy, from collecting up the waste to disposal. You are given along with the bag, a cardboard scoop to collect the waste and put in the bag. As I have a small dog, it was handy to use one bag multiple of times (small mess) which reduced waste and unnecessary use. They are crafted to a high quality and are thick bags, made ethically with fair trade manufacturing, so not only are they good for the planet, but they are also made in this country with ethical work force and minimal contribution to global warming with shipment across countries. I am glad to have found a plastic alternative, and it is important to make a difference wherever you can.

The bags comedic value, with printed design, add to the use, and can be used for camping if no toilets are near by, dog mess, or if long journeys on the motorway with children pose problematic.

Be sure to check out the Paper Bag companies website here, and their social media page @ThePaperBagCo 😊

Always do your bit to contribute to improving climate change even if it means starting small. Huge thanks to Tilly for this opportunity and i look forward to seeing the business boom!

Lots of love


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