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Good evening everyone!

How is everyone doing? As each day goes by I am feeling more and more optimistic about how close we are to the end now. I’m optimistic that I’ll be able to see my friends again and soon we can get smashed in the pub just how summer should be spent!

Todays post is something a little different for sophiemags.com as I am collaborating with Rebecca from Peace-Love-Veggies! Rebecca is a very busy blogger providing her readers with a variety of blogs, including posts suited for the avid bookworm, all about being vegan and plenty more! I have been a follower of her blog for a while now so it was nice to be able to interview her and get to know her a little further.

In todays Q&A we took the time to interview each other about the situations in our countries with regards to C virus. Rebecca is from Australia so hearing a different lifestyle to England was interesting. If you want to know about life in England, be sure to visit Rebecca’s blog here for my answers.

How are you doing currently in this pandemic?
I’m honestly doing okay. I’m already a stay at home mother so it hasn’t affected much of my daily life besides all my daughter’s activities being cancelled. My husband is able to work from home and we are both pretty introverted so it’s not a massive adjustment. 

“What is the situation currently like in your country?
In Australia the death tolls are low. We are lucky to be living on an island that’s quite far from other countries. Having said that, we are in Stage 4 lockdown so we are only allowed to leave our homes for four reasons: 1.) to exercise, 2.) to buy essential items like food, 3.) to see a doctor or 4.) to go to work if you’re considered an essential worker. All of the outdoor playgrounds are taped off so no children can play there, a lot of stores have closed and at the supermarket we have to maintain 1.5 m social distance laws. We also have to pack our own groceries. 

“What have you been using this time to do?
I have been watching a lot of Netflix, reading, blogging, spending time with my family, going for bike rides and de-cluttering my home.

Have you found any positives from the Corona Virus?
I’ve noticed that it’s had such a positive impact on the environment which makes me happy. It’s also nice to see parents spending more time with their children and people around the world getting creative in their homes. I’ve been inspired by so many people online. 

“What has been the hardest part for you?
The hardest part is having to entertain our toddler a lot more inside the house. We used to go to swimming, playgroup and music classes once a week and now they have all been cancelled so we’ve had to get more creative which is tiring. She’s nearly two so it’s tough feeling like she might be missing out on vital developmental skills and social interaction. 

Reading through Rebeccas answers it sounds like Australia have taken a good approach to the lockdown because despite the low risk they have invested in strict ruling to keep cases low. Also i’m so proud of how well Rebecca’s coping in all this trying to entertain herself and her family and manage it all so well, especially as i’m not so much!!

Don’t forget to also check out Rebeccas blog and her social media below.




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    07/05/2020 at 5:14 am

    Love this thanks so much! 🙂

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    07/05/2020 at 7:20 am

    Ooo I love this idea! I’ve also never thought about the impact the virus must be having on developing kids. It was so interesting to learn how things are going from an Australia perspective – thank you!

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