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Why I went vegan


Shalom Jackie and all!

How is everyone doing today? I have been absolutely swamped with work at the minute, and despite the days flying by, it is still the slowest time of my life. I am so ready for the hugs and cuddles from all my pals, and it’s just around the corner!

Today I wanted to have a quick chat with y’all around why I went vegan.

This is a common question I receive a lot so thought it would be easier to tell the story on here! To start, I wanna throw it back to 2017, when I moved out of my parents home into my own flat. One of the things they fail to teach you in school, is how to be an adult. So while finding my feet of adult hood, (Calling my friend Brad every time something went wrong, spiders, birds, DIY) I also learnt to cook. Cooking was not something I ever knew about before so I wanted to master home made meals, and on top of that what food is worth buying.

One thing to mention, is that supermarkets do not accommodate to single occupants. It is cheaper for me to buy a bag of 20 carrots than it is to buy 3. Its madness. I do not need 20 carrots, so shopping took a while to get the hang off, as in, don’t just buy something because its cheaper,

Growing up and the first few months of living on my own, I always ate meat, but the longer time went on while I cooked, and did a food shop, and noting that supermarkets don’t accommodate very well, I realised how expensive it was to buy meat, let alone eat it in time before it expired.

I don’t have a freezer , so to buy fresh weekly costed a tonne, so I decided to buy quorn products, and make all my meals veggie. this was mainly bcus quorn products lasted a lot longer than meat and it lasted a lot longer too. This started with just meat substitutes, because fruit and veg is a lot cheaper then meat. Once I did that, I changed milk, and went shopping consciously aware what I was buying. During this time if I went anywhere else I would not stick to the veggie rule bcus I didn’t want to be awkward for everyone, but then it go to the point where, when I did finally eat meat it would make me so ill and tired because I had gone so long not eating it prior.

Once I had cut out dairy, the big jump was to remove cheese from my life. Someone once said to me that how your body reacts to cheese in a similar way to heroin, so if you cut it out completely you won’t think about it. So I did that and only ate vegan cheese.

I think part of the difficulty was learning how to veganise my favourite meals, which the time in lockdown has allowed us to do, and after we managed to make a vegan Mac n cheese, my life was complete and I said I would make the big jump.

Now that I am past the whole ” I don’t wanna be difficult” and have said I am fully vegan, it has allowed me to be really strict. I haven’t craved anything non vegan because once you learn what you can and can’t eat or find the best substitutes, you are fine. It also helps that I am surrounded by others who are vegan/ veggie and they are also consciously aware.

So there we have it, that is why! I am so glad I did it. Obviously the whole reasoning behind veganism is the animals, and although this is a major part, it didn’t actually play the main role in my diet.

Have you ever tried vegan products? Are you conscious about what you are consuming?

Lots of love,


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    13/06/2020 at 7:01 pm

    I used to be veggie about two years ago and then I began eating meat again. But I have started to make better choices to opt for veggie alternatives, meat has started to gross me out so much. This has defo encouraged me to eat less meat and hopefully one day be back being veggie. Thank you for sharing! Xxxx

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