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Small Businesses surviving COVID 19- Q+A with Jopo from Slimmer Leaner Stronger.


Hello hello hello, welcome to the latest edition in Sophiemagsblog.

I haven’t posted in a while, because despite having all the time in the world, the motivation to blog is next to nothing. I think its partly because I’m not doing the kind of things that I want to blog about. But hey here we are, with something a little different today.

Throughout Covid 19 and lockdown, many businesses small and large have faced major difficulty, whether that be financially, or how they provide their product and/or service. One business entrepreneur and company is Slimmer Leaner Stronger, and their head coach Jordan, otherwise known as Jopo. Slimmer Leaner Stronger is a ladies only gym, delivering fitness programmes, 1 to 1 sessions and intense life changing workouts. They work closely with their clients to create programmes fit for their lifestyle and provide workout routines of the many! I had the chance to chat with Jordan about recent business shenanigans during lockdown and how he has been getting on.

To start things off; I asked Jopo how his work had adapted since the start of lockdown:
“First of all, thanks for the questions Soph. Work has changed drastically to be honest. I’ve gone from waking up quite early, or working late, to just doing a somewhat 9:30- 6pm schedule. Previously I would be coaching 16 people per session in a group at our gym, and this has now changed to online coaching as many clients as possible via Zoom 3x a day. Correcting form can be difficult online but I like to think we are doing ok.

That is quite a change, how are you finding your current working situation?”
“I honestly love it. Lockdown has been a blessing in disguise for me for a selfish point of view. I am sleeping the best for the first time in years, I can walk whenever I want to and I don’t need to drive into work, I honestly don’t mind it.”

I don’t blame you that sounds fab- is there any concerns about retaining work and clients during lockdown and afterwards?”
I understand that would be a concern for a lot of trainers absolutely, but thankfully I am in a good position. I get paid to coach, and produce content for our members group on Facebook, but aside from that member retention is a natural outcome of my coaching. We have 200 clients that I am employed to coach, and my boss has the responsibility of attracting and keeping members. I do reach out to our clients individually but its not something we really need to worry about because we have a wonderful thing going on and a great bond with all our clients.

That’s really nice to hear! What else have you been getting up to during lockdown?”
“Great questions! So I decided to buy the latest call of duty- which is a game I wouldn’t usually purchase. However due to the lack of social availability right now I thought I would give it a go! i’ve also started re-watching the wonderful Friends TV series . I finished Clone Wars on Disney + which was absolutely FANTASTIC, and I have also started reading which isn’t something I would usually do.

“You have been busy! so looking on this whole situation, are there any positives to the impact of your work due to lockdown? “
From a work point of view, the one thing I can honestly pin point is the family like environment we have been able to create because of the lockdown situation. Everyone of our members has supported one another and also the coaches on a daily basis via our facebook group. I feel like our work family is stronger than ever because of this situation.

Talking with Jopo was a great way to see that some companies are really benefitting from this situation and that is not all doom and gloom. On top of that the team at Slimmer Leaner Stronger, seem to be working harder than ever!

Let me know your thoughts on this style of post and if this si something you enjoyed.

Thanks to Jordan for his time and for more information you can find both Jordan and Slimmer Leaner Stronger bunch at the below social media links:

Slimmer Leaner Stronger Facebook page

Slimmer Leaner Stronger Instagram

Jordans Instagram

Jordans nutrition facebook page

Lots of love,


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    22/06/2020 at 9:56 am

    Really interesting post, it’s great to read about small businesses!

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      22/06/2020 at 1:49 pm

      thanks for commenting!

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